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The clinic practises generalist animal surgery: sterilization of cats and dogs - male and female -surgery, enterostomies, extractions of bladder stones, hernias, skin surgery such asablation of various masses as well as corrective surgery on wounds unsightly.

For maximum anesthetic safety, our protocols are developed with latest-generation molecules and a powerful gas anesthesia machine. During any intervention, your animal is constantly monitored without faults. We are very attentive to the management of the postoperative pain of your companions to ensure a smooth and calm awakening after each surgical act.

The property has a digital X-ray machine. A powerful and non-invasive imaging system. The power of the device can radiograph all animals from the smallest cat to the largest dog. The digital workstation provides highly accurate exams.

The establishment has a very complete and modern analytical laboratory for carrying out urine or effusion liquid analysis. These analyzes are often an essential step in the overall management of an animal during an illness or before a surgical procedure.On the other hand, these blood tests form the basis of a geriatric assessment. They make it possible to detect diseases of chronic evolution often asymptomatic and generally related to aging. Many diseases such as kidney failure, diseases can be diagnosed early and be controlled in the long term.

Certain diseases may be associated with coagulation disorders or electrolyte imbalances, the consequences of which may be fatal. The ability to perform ionograms, evaluate blood gases, and hemostasis assessments is essential during resuscitation and intensive care. Finally, many conditions of chronic evolution may require biological monitoring in order to better adapt the treatment. Cytology is also a very important aspect of our diagnostic approach and is associated with the actions commonly performed in imaging of organ cytoproins, suspicious masses, lymph nodes

The clinic has set up a high-performance "dentistry unit" which, in addition to the usual standard descaling and dental avulsions, which are sometimes obligatory, implements conservative tooth treatments (endodontics) and proposes corrections of growth and positioning abnormalities. dentistry, by fitting orthodontic appliances.

The clinic has a complete pharmarcie to meet the needs of your kitties.

hospital veterinaire

For the immediate continuation of a surgical intervention or for the care of a disease, your animal can be brought to be hospitalized. For our physical comfort, our cages are equipped with soft floor mats and polar blankets. Heating mattresses are available if needed.

For psychological comfort, the cages of our kennel are without any face to face, to prevent animals from seeing each other and stress each other. During the hospitalization of your companion, you will be welcome to see where and how he will be installed, and to visit him. We will thus be able to monitor, administer treatments, infusions, carry out the necessary additional care or examinations.

Physiological and dietary foods are on sale at the clinic for dogs, cats. Physiological foods are intended to cover the normal needs of a healthy animal, depending on its age and weight. It is important to change the diet of your pet over time to prevent fatigue of the organs that are called the liver (for digestion) and kidneys (for waste disposal). It is a concept of preventive feeding.

Dietary foods mean they are perfectly balanced diets and specific to a given pathology. For example, there are foods for kidney failure, heart failure, pancreatic insufficiency, food allergies ect ....